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Find Your Perfect Job.

What would it be like – as a candidate – to be at the center of the recruiting process? What would it be like if your personal professional career would count most? And how would the process look like as technology on your smartphone would step in and help to redefine the hiring process?

These questions were at the center of our thinking when we decided to start moveoX – a new recruiting company.

Anything but more of the same out there already on the recruiting market. 

While using technology to make the recruitment process talent orientated, we want to keep the personal touch as recruiters.

Finally, we hope you as a candidate will find your ideal company, a team which fits, a job opportunity that gets you excited and makes you excel!
And companies will find the right candidates for their business, the right fit for their teams, employees who deliver as promised and beyond.

Working Abroad Made Easy.

First, we will be listening to your career ideas and the places in the world you want to relocate to during your career.
We won’t approach you with a specific job offer. Primarily, we don’t approach companies to hire us for a specific job opportunity to find candidates for.

Together with you we will identify job opportunities, specify which industries and job positions to focus on and select and target companies locally according to these findings. By shifting our recruitment focus 180° towards your optimized candidate journey, moveoX redefines what it means to build up a candidate centered hiring process. We develop the tools, processes and services around you.
You as a global talent are at the centre of our attention. You are our main customer (though the companies hiring will still fund the search and interview process).
Connected with us via our moveoX recruiting app and application platform, we help you to be recruited internationally for the EU region (currently with an ICT industry focus). And once you were successfully hired, we will keep in touch with you as assignments commence.Therefore, we will continue to support and accompany you for the rest of your career, at home and abroad.

a new approach to recruiting

a variety of services for candidates

let's Say hello!

Book your welcome call for free. We are always open to have an informative chat with you.

consider a career interview

We have developed a special career interview which can be used for your applications with other companies. Our VideoCV Essential player gives recruiters an idea of your real personality aside your written CV.

get Seen by recruiters

We will forward your CV and your VideoCV to our clients who have a variety of open positions. Our Recruiting Partners will ask you whether you're interested beforehand.

Need a personal career coach?

Our trained recruiters and coaches will be happy to support you in your future career steps and accompany you as your personal career coach.

our services

why you should trust our HR expertise

career interview

Whatever your CV will tell people about your talents and accomplishments, recruiters still decide on a very personal level when it comes to hiring.
Our interview technique lets you tell your personal story.

See Example

career coaching

Looking for some advice ahead in your career?
Our trained recruiters and coaches will be happy to support you in your further career steps and accompany you in an advisory role on the way to your next job position.

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