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Find Your Perfect Candidate.

What would it be like – as a candidate – to be at the center of the recruiting process? What would it be like if your personal professional career would count most? And how would the process look like as technology on your smartphone would step in and help to redefine the hiring talent process?

These questions were at the center of our thinking when we decided to start moveoX – a new recruiting company.

Anything but more of the same out there already on the recruiting market. 

While using technology to make the recruitment process talent orientated, we want to keep the personal touch as recruiters.

And you as a company HR manager will find the right candidates for your business, the right fit for your teams, employees who deliver as promised and beyond.

a new approach to recruiting

a variety of services for our clients

classic search

Book your welcome call for free. We are always open to have an informative chat with you.

active sourcing

We have developed a special career interview which we perform with candidates. Our VideoCV Essential player gives you an idea of their real personality aside their written CV, saving up time.

executive Search

We have a long expertise in identifying, targeting and contacting high level candidates for your C-level positions. Feel free to have a conversation with us, how we approach this exquisite talent search specifically for you.

interim management

With a long year expertise in management of SMB and large organisational HR & IT departments, we can support your organisation with intermediate management support.